Black Boy Addictionz - How Gay Will They Go - Bandit - Zadian

Bandit (9.5" Cut Dick) and Zadian (7" Cut Dick) are easily two of the more “money-motivated” models on the Black Boy Addictionz website right now.

Knowing that both guys were facing difficult financial situations in their personal lives and desperate to earn the largest amount of money in the shortest possible time, I was eager to raise the stakes on our newest straight models and find out just how far I could get them to go.

The premise for this shoot was pretty simple: Both guys could earn a significant sum of money by participating in a series of gay-themed activities or “challenges” that start off as easy as sitting shirtless with their arms around each other on the couch, progress to touching each others’ naked chests and rippling abs, and gradually increase in difficulty and intensity from there.

How much or how little they ended up doing was totally up to them! Of course the less they agreed to do, the less money they’d go home with at the end of the day (“Gay Chicken” as Zadian calls it).

Black Boy Addictionz Bandit Zadian

As a wicked twist and added incentive for them to put on the hottest possible show, I decided to have them compete for a bonus cash prize, the winner of which will be determined by BBA’s viewers based on who they feel is the most open-minded, cooperative, and overall deserving of the extra reward.

If you’re only interested in hardcore gay action starring eager and experienced “porn stars,” then this ISN’T the scene for you! If, on the other hand, you’re turned on by watching the various subtle and surprising ways that cocky straight boys will (and in some cases will NOT) compromise their “straightness” for cash, then this is a “reality porn” exclusive that you don’t want to miss! Discover what new challenges lie in store for Bandit and Zadian as I test their boundaries to determine just “HOW GAY WILL THEY GO?”

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Black Boy Addictionz Bandit Zadian


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